Absolute dating of fossils

10-Dec-2017 00:29

Later in the year, by wintertime, the clay has had enough time to settle to the bottom and it forms a thin layer of dark colored rock.Because of the alternation between dark and light sediments we can use each dark band as a marker for one year.BECAUSE THEY ARE UNSTABLE THEY GIVE OFF RADIATION TO TRY TO BECOME NORMAL.THIS PROCESS OF GIVING OFF RADIATION TO BECOEM STABLE IS CALLED RADIOACTIVE DECAYEACH TIME AN ISOTOPE RELEASE RADIATION, IT CHANGES INTO A NEW MORE STABLE ELEMENT.

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When the meltwater reaches a lake the heaiest sediments (sand and silt) sink to the bottom quickly and eventually formed thick layers of light colored rock.

Suppose you find a fossil at one place that cannot be dated using absolute methods.