Information receiver updating

15-Sep-2017 11:02

Updating user information from the service node to the cluster head requires writing to the database.

A service node connects to the database on the cluster head by using a secure channel.

When you create the cluster head, you enter a shared key for the cluster.

When you join additional VMs to the cluster, you enter the shared key.

The following sections appear in the App Controller command-line console: You can install multiple instances of the App Controller virtual machine (VM) to create a cluster. All other App Controller VMs in the cluster are called service nodes.

Each service node has a local database that is used by the service node only.

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If there are identical icons in multiple farms, then the icons can be aggregated so that only a single icon is displayed to the user.The DNS response you see when you ping the Single FQDN does not necessarily match the DNS response used by Internet Explorer and Receiver. However, an advantage of using Net Scaler Gateway ICA Proxy internally is that now all ICA traffic is going through a Net Scaler, which makes it easy to enable App Flow (HDX Insight) reporting to Net Scaler MAS.