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After the Dutch received independence in 1813, no new sodomy laws were enacted.The Christian based political parties enacted Article 248bis of the Penal Code in 1911, which raised the age of consent for same-sex sexual activity to 21 whilst the age of consent for heterosexual activity remained at 16.

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On , this bill was approved by the vast majority of the House of Representatives (141-9) and on 10 March 2015 the bill was approved by the Senate (72-3). Same-sex adoption was legalized alongside same-sex marriage in 2001, which includes joint and stepchild adoption.

Laws citing public indecency were also often used against homosexuals.

During World War II, the German Nazis introduced Paragraph 175 into Dutch law, which prohibited any same-sex sexual activity once again. During the mid-20th century, Dutch psychiatrists and clergy began viewing homosexuality less critically and in 1973, homosexuality was no longer treated as a mental illness.

This made way for homosexuals to serve in the military.

Article 248bis was repealed in 1971, which equalised the age of consent for same-sex sexual activity.Before this religious schools financed by the Government were not allowed to fire or deny teachers on the "single fact" of someone's sexual orientation.

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