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08-Jul-2017 05:21

I recently let my pubes grow out, and realize that I really do need to keep it shaved. the hand held laser tria hair remover and am thinking about buying a new device called a me .

I'm not certain my wife has noticed the difference. was wondering if anyone on the experience has ever used one of these devices . I began shaving smooth when I first got involved with someone anatomically female. Hurt like hell but not as bad as I thought it would.

I also like a guy who is either clean shaven or at least trim, makes sucking so much better and appealing. I have always shaved my head, beard, armpits and pubic hair since my 20s.

About a week ago, I had sex with a female who had just had her ***** hair waxed that day.

Works great and this keeps me fresh and clean without the itchy scratchy stage.

I've even started doing my legs for the smooth feel when I wear stockings...

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I dont have a lot of hair, so thats all thats needed. I usually take a bath to soften the hairs then shave.I think his hands some kind of magic, it never hurts whenever he...