Updating heating baseboards Granny chat no reg

31-Oct-2017 21:09

Storage baseboard heaters can be set to convert electricity into heat during times of inexpensive electricity, store that heat in a heat sink such as ceramic brick, and release some of that heat later on when heat is needed but electricity is expensive.

Another option, if your house is very well insulated, is to use a programmable thermostat to have the baseboard heaters heat the house to comfort level a couple of hours before you wake up, so that less electricity is used to heat the house during peak hours.

So there is no way for you to get more efficient baseboard heaters; they are all going to operate at the same 100% efficiency level in terms of converting electricity to heat.

Of course, electric heaters aren’t really that efficient, primarily because thermal power plants are typically inefficient at converting heat (coal, natural gas, nuclear) into electricity.

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One way in which you can save on your electricity bill with a newer baseboard heater is if you buy a storage heater and you pay time of use rates for your electricity.For example, in Ontario where I live, we have a three-tier electrical rate: 4.4 cents per kilowatt hour during low use, 8.0 cents during higher use, and 9.3 cents during peak use.

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