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25-Jan-2018 20:17

According to the Bible, the Philistines originated in “Caphtor” (Jer 47:4; Am 9:7), identified as the island of Crete (Hess 1992).But what about the mention of Philistines in the book of Genesis some 900 years earlier? For example, in The Anchor Bible Dictionary article on the Philistines, author Katzenstein states, “The references to the Philistines in Gen –34; 26:1, 8, 14–15; and in Exod ; ; are all anachronisms” (1992: 326), that is, material that is chronologically out of place. An important find relating to the early Philistines is the Phaistos Disk, a 6.5 inch diameter, 0.5 inch thick, baked clay disk with undecipherable inscriptions on both sides (Robinson 2002: 297–315).The signs, running in a spiral from the outer edge toward the center, were impressed in the wet clay with a punch or stamp, resulting in the world’s first typewritten document.No other texts in this script have since been found.

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