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01-Jul-2017 14:55

The authors of the NRDC study, titled “The Dating Game,” place the blame on inconsistent and irrational labeling laws, which tend to be nonbinding: “This convoluted system is not achieving what date labeling was historically designed to do—provide indicators of freshness.

Rather, this creates confusion and leads many consumers to believe, mistakenly, that date labels are signals of a food’s microbial safety.

Labuza said he has kept milk fresh at that temperature for up to six weeks.

The problem of wasted food is serious and multifaceted.

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This unduly downplays the importance of more pertinent food safety indicators.” The solution?

A system of clear and consistent federally mandated labels for foods.

As Kiera Butler reported earlier this week, a whopping one-third of the global food supply is wasted.