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At its peak Pusey & Jones employed more than 3,600 workers. Pusey & Jones launched one of the very first Liberty Ships. The assembly is contained in Hamilton’s classic 3-tier mahogany box, fully brass-bound with button latches, lid stays and folding drop handles. A.” The inner box measures slightly over 7 ½ inches cubed.

At that time the company was producing C1 type cargo ships for the U. The yard also produced minesweepers and many other specialty vessels. The front of the box bears the brass maker’s tag reading “HAMILTON WATCH CO. The chronometer itself is just under 5 inches in diameter.

Both the barometer and thermometer function properly.

Telling of this set's use aboard ship, both the clock and barometer have their original brass hanging brackets at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions to firmly secure them to the bulkhead. 21 jewels, Adjusted 5 Positions” highlighted in gold.

Accordingly this clock is in the earliest 1 % of the prestigious company’s output! A matching serial number is stamped on the back of the case opposite the XII. NAVY Boat Clock .” It has bold silver Arabic numerals swept by silver spade hands of a minute chapter. It is in lovely cosmetic condition with a high polish and has just recently been professionally serviced and is an excellent time keeper. The quality clock has a white enameled zinc dial, bold Roman numerals, steel spade hands, large inset seconds bit and two winding arbors.

The early form silvered, pressed copper dial has bold Roman numerals swept by blued steel Breguet moon hands with a hand-painted minute chapter and subsidiary seconds bit below XII. PHILADELPHIA.” The early style Fast/Slow adjustment lever is near the II. The 4 inch dial, complete with silvered reflector ring, is in lovely original condition as is the high polished 5 ½ inch case. The hinged brass bezel opens and closes with a press fit affording easy access for winding and setting.

Back to Top The Hamilton Watch Company deserves a special place in American horological history.

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Even more remarkable is the fact that they did it in a very short period of time, while maintaining the very demanding U. But not content to merely copy, Hamilton pushed the envelope. Navy chronometer stands at the pinnacle of ship chronometers ever made! One of the oldest, if not THE oldest Chelsea clocks available on the market today.A second shipyard, called The Pennsylvania Shipbuilding Company was added in Gloucester City, New Jersey, but was soon renamed Pusey & Jones. This example also has Hamilton’s unique “brake lock” device which eliminated the traditional need to “cork” the balance for shipment.The yard produced 19 ships before closing at War’s end. The movement is contained within its solid brass tub with spring-loaded dust cover protecting the winding arbor.This clock is a good time keeper and comes with a period winding key. The Up/Down winding indicator at the “12,” shows 0 through 56 hours since winding.

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975 The Pusey & Jones Company was a major shipbuilder and industrial equipment manufacturer from 1848 to 1959. The state-of-the-art 14 jewel movement is a thing of beauty with damascened nickel silver plates, helical hair spring and Hamilton’s innovative Elinvar balance with large timing weights.Their chronometer was made with interchangeable parts and incorporated state-of-the-art innovations in metallurgy which greatly improved the performance and maintenance of their chronometers in the wartime setting. This venerable veteran with matching movement and case numbers of 8XXX* dates to 1903, only 6 years into Chelsea’s founding in 1897. The high grade jeweled movement is all brass and is housed in its heavy solid brass case with classic ship’s clock flared bezel and mounting flange.

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