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Another was how many young people were turning out to see an irascible seventy-four-year-old senator from Vermont.But that’s a little like being surprised that some millennials appreciate Neil Young or Joni Mitchell at a time when it’s easy to find songs from different decades in a promiscuous jumble online.Most of his policy proposals have to do with helping working people and reducing the influence of the wealthy.He would like to break up the big banks, create jobs by rebuilding infrastructure, and move toward public funding of elections—and provide free tuition at public universities.Sanders’s popularity had clearly been exceeding his own expectations.In a conversation this summer, he recalled an event in Minneapolis: “I was blown away. ’ ”At the Portland rally, I met a group of five friends who were drawn to Sanders because of his commitment to banish money from politics: he has sharply criticized the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision, in Citizens United, to permit unlimited campaign spending by corporations, and has lamented the outsize influence exerted by billionaires.Young people who like Bernie Sanders like him because he sounds like an old record.

“It doesn’t matter what issue comes up—Bernie understands that the fundamental issue for Americans is economic,” Gutman said.We were driving in, we saw these lines of people snaking down the sidewalk. Several of the friends praised Sanders’s pledge to raise the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour.