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16-Jun-2017 05:36

[Could the Persian Gulf rift mean the beginning of the end of Al Jazeera?

] Al Jazeera Arabic (which is run separately from Al Jazeera English) has also got a reputation for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

By 2006, more than 75 percent of Arabs called the network their favorite or second-favorite news source. In 2012, China took action against Al Jazeera English.

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[Demands by Saudi-led Arab states for Qatar include shuttering Al Jazeera] * * * There are about 350 million Arabic speakers across the Middle East.

People would ask all kinds of things: Is it all right to smoke during Ramadan?

Does a female Palestinian woman have to wear a hijab while carrying out a suicide bombing?

They also developed a satellite station, MBC, intended for a broad audience.

That never quite caught on, but it did show would-be moguls the potential of pan-Arabic media.Before Al Jazeera, a show like this would have been unusual in the Arab world, where media is tightly controlled.

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