Rowupdating event of gridview in asp net

04-Sep-2017 13:10

Note that by default all validation controls validate on the client side.

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This way you can attach client side validation controls to the Grid View columns. We will use Template Field, whenever we want to define some custom control in the data bound controls like Grid View, Data Grid or Data Repeater.If he clicks edit (or) in the edit mode he can be able to see the Textbox.The above piece of code will also do the same as label in Item Template and Textbox in the Edit Item Template.

By default all the boundfields will be trasferred as Textboxes in Edit Mode.To avoid this we need to keep the property Read Only as false, Then in the edit mode nothing will happenes. The reason I use Template Field instead of Bound Field is that, it is very easy to grab those controls in the codebehind if we user labels or textboxes.

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