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You can fix that, however, by buying two – they'll attach to each other in a stereo pair that you can use the boost the sound.

And the Sonos also boasts of a design that's in keeping with Apple's products, even if it doesn't look much like the Home Pod itself.

But their real downfall has always been their sub-par sound.

The consequence of sticking speakers into such a small box – especially by companies who haven't really had any history in audio – appears to be that the sound is small, too.

It will include a range of different assistants – both of which compete very well with Siri – and can play music from just about every service you can think of.

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And it mocked smart speakers like Sonos for not including voice control, at a time when that was clearly the future.Apple made much of the fact that the Home Pod's built-in speakers will be listening to how the room sounds and adjusting the tone of the music that plays to suit it; that's quite similar to Sonos's True Play technology, which uses the speaker in your phone instead and only adjusts itself at the time you set it up, but provides much the same function.