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30-Oct-2017 22:47

Once loaded, you can transfer the files to other devices for more portability (e.g., your phone, tablet, MP3 player, i Pad/i Pod, etc.).Transfer an MP3-CD to Your i Tunes Library Transfer an MP3-CD to Your i Pod without Adding Files to Your Library Transfer a Standard CD to Your i Pod Re-label Standard CD Tracks in i Tunes Re-label MP3-CD Chapters Playing Out of Order Disconnect from Gracenote Default i Tunes settings will automatically sync your new playlist to your i Pod.Select either the “Rip” or “Rip CD” (depending on your version of Windows Media Player) tab at the top of Windows Media Player. It should list as: Unknown album, Unknown artist, etc.

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When the automatic window pops up, select the installed program.

Select the files that end in .mp3 once more, only this time, drag them to the open Windows Media Player window.

This will start the transfer of these files into the Windows Media Player program.

If you have changed your settings, you will have to Click and Drag the audiobook files to your i Pod icon.

This will start the transfer of your audiobook to your i Pod.Bed of Roses – Disc 01 For Unknown artist, type the author of the audiobook For Unknown Genre, type the genre (romance, suspense, etc.) For Unknown year, type the year the audiobook was published You will first have to transfer files from the MP3-CD to your computer. In the window that automatically pops up select Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer.