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During the summer season, the population can swell to about 12,000.

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Now the president and CEO of a PR firm, part of the motivation for her move home came from “wanting to do work for nice people,” and she’s correct: People are very nice in this part of the country.Chalmers is described as a 36-year-old, dark-haired teacher from Eton whose civil servant friend Reggie signs him up to work for British Intelligence.The Bond-like character has a meeting with B, the head of British Intelligence, and is sent to Europe to meet with a British sleeper agent.But what if Fleming actually stole the idea that became a cultural phenomenon?

The lady novelist Bottome is barely remembered today, but was once a prominent author in the early 20th Century with best-sellers like The Mortal Storm – a book that became a 1940 Hollywood movie starring Jimmy Stewart.When Patrick Swayze mentioned it in his autobiography, The Time of My Life, he referred to it as “this Podunk little town.” Over the years, Lake Lure has become a popular destination for tourists, drawn to its location nestled in the mountains, under a canopy of trees, giving way to a lake so sublime in every hour of the day.

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He worked for Yokoi, and one of his first tasks was to design the casing for several of the Color TV-Game consoles.… continue reading »

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Continuing a longtime tradition, the Baltimore City Fire Department presents its 61st Annual Holiday Train Garden.… continue reading »

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Sossamon's sole recording with the band is the 2009 EP, Exquisite Corpse.… continue reading »

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He is also the constant butt of jokes, but then, so is sex itself; indeed, if Danzig is a big target, it may be only because he's larger than life.… continue reading »

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