Multirate algorithm for updating the coefficients

07-Nov-2017 00:20

As network systems migrate from traditional voice telephony over public switch telephone network (PSTN) to packet-switched networks for Vo IP, improving the quality of services (Qo S) for Vo IP has been and will remain a challenge [], where the algorithmic delay is one of the significant factors for determining the budget for delay introduced by network echo cancellers.The problem of network echo is introduced by the impedance mismatch between the 2- and 4-wire circuits of a network hybrid [].

multirate algorithm for updating the coefficients-80

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Finally, conclusions are drawn in Section 5.] for complexity reduction and SP adaptation for fast convergence.

Since reducing the algorithmic processing delay for Vo IP applications is crucial, frequency-domain adaptive algorithms with low delay are desirable especially for the identification of long network impulse responses.

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