Updating stucco fireplace

28-Jun-2017 23:50

In our line of work we have come across housing materials such as synthetic stucco, also commonly known as EIFS or Dryvit, that have caused much distress for the homeowners who are now finding themselves with expensive repairs due to an improperly installed product.To help keep you informed, we thought it would be helpful to talk about synthetic stucco and what it might mean to you as a homeowner or potential home buyer.And lastly, homeowners trying to sell their EIFS clad homes may find themselves with an unsellable property because of water damage they may not have known existed until a home inspection was carried out.Because water damage can be hard to detect with EIFS without an invasive inspection, the homebuyer may be unaware that water damage exists on the property.

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As common sense might suggest, for a product to work the way it is supposed to it must be assembled correctly. Unfortunately, along with its introduction into the American housing market came the common practice of cutting corners with EIFS installation. By the late 1980s Inspectors, homeowners and other interested parties began to notice that many EIFS clad homes were showing extensive signs of water damage.Here at North Star Stone we are passionate about quality housing exteriors, which is why we take such great pride when installing our stone veneer products.