Mac dashboard not updating ads dating internet personal

28-Nov-2017 03:50

@florian-bayer: We tried using MK802s for our dashboards at Shopify, but those things ended up being crap.

By the way, the TVPe Cee Stick itself was running well, it was booting fast and didn't crash itself.

The window changes to "Updating Software", shows timer and "Establishing communications with your device..." It stays like that without any progress for as long as I leave it, have to click "Cancel" to get out of it.

I have tried disconnecting the device (Nuvi 1310T) and reconnecting, still the same.

The widget using the job does not appear to exhibit the issue, although this is a graph widget - all others are numbers. After a refresh of the page everything is up to date again. Interestingly, the 'Last updated at' time continues to update. However, some googling of the error message seems to suggest it could be interference from a Chrome extension.

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I use Google Chrome on Mac locally and we have a TVPe Cee Android Strick running with Firefox (actually we wanted an Ricomagic MK802 but that wasn't available at that time). In the Chrome Console I can see the following: at the very beginning there is Uncaught Type Error: Cannot call method 'filter' of undefined (anonymous function) stack Data render Dashing. Try disabling all your extensions, and see if it still freezes.

After some period of time, the browser stops synching with the Dashing application.

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