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01-Oct-2017 10:24

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She can’t be bothered to dump a perfectly decent guy who just happens to be—gasp! She shows up to job interviews completely unprepared. At every turn in the revival, Rory destroys any fantasy that she might have grown into her aspirations; instead, she’s pretty much grown into a disaster.

The series has always used foils that border on caricature to remind us of Rory’s righteousness—e.g., early Paris Geller, Jess’s stereotypical bimbo girlfriend, Shane, and Dean’s selfish ex-wife, Lindsay Lister. Now, Rory consistently battles comparisons to the “Thirtysomething Gang”: millennial stereotypes who live with their parents, travel in a herd, and love kitsch.

Fans have waited years to find out what the Stars Hollow maestro intended the last four words of the show to be—and over the weekend, they finally got their wish.

Here, for those who need reminding, is an exact transcript: finale all over again—sudden, controversial, potentially infuriating.

Why, then, is the Rory revelation ruffling so many feathers?

Well, fans who found Lane’s pregnancy disappointing—not to mention the show’s general strategy of impregnating all its fertile women—will probably view Rory’s bombshell as being no less obnoxious.

The only difference between her and them is that Rory seems to lack the self-awareness to recognize that she too embodies all of the most pernicious stereotypes about millennials.

It’s clear that Rory knows Logan is not real relationship material—and definitely not “daddy” material.

Sherman-Palladino has even directly compared him to Rory’s dad, Christopher, who for a good chunk of the series was an absentee father.

The move only carries narrative weight if one assumes Rory will choose to carry the pregnancy to term and raise the baby—an assumption that the show has always made in the past, though that approach was a lot more common when show originally aired.

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Now, as TV increasingly gives abortion its due consideration, the implication that Rory will make the same decision Lorelai did seems awkwardly presumptuous—especially given Rory’s conversation with Christopher, and the fact that she’s never before expressed even a passing interest in having a baby.The Jackson led Sookie to believe he’d had a vasectomy.) In Sherman-Palladino’s world, surprise pregnancies far outnumber planned ones—and the women involved always choose to carry the babies to term.

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