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07-Aug-2017 21:25

This is especially true for men approaching women, as even openly sexual women can often be turned off by the mere suggestion of anal intercourse.The problem is no one wears a label or a badge that indicates whether they are “pro-anal” or “anti-anal”, so you need to find another way to answer the question without offending or frightening away your potential new lover.If you do find that she/he is after a similar relationship as you are then wonderful - you are ready to move forward.

If you find you are both looking for something different you will probably want to move on, but please don’t be rude to the person - she/he has feelings too, and it is courteous to at least leave on a friendly note.Find out what his/her level of experience is, are they an anal sex veteran with years of experience or are they new to the game and out to increase their sexual awareness. Partners with different levels of experience often adapt “teacher-student” roles in the relationship, while those on equal levels can comfortably explore their fantasies together.So the magic day has finally arrived, that person you have been getting to know online has agreed to meet in person.Talk like you would on a real “date”, start off chatting as if you were meeting over a cup of coffee and getting to know one another - which in effect you are (minus the coffee).

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It’s important to find out at this stage why your new sex interest has joined a dating site.

It’s also possible that they will have a friend who is more suitable for you, and in many cases they will be happy to hook you up.