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Created by Dennis Mareno and Joe Thomas, “Johnny Dynamo” has charm and proves succinct content (or one catering to a younger audience) isn’t always the road to web series popularity.

The series follows Robert Pierce Mitchell, a disgraced action movie star from the 80’s as he tries to make a comeback under a wily and unconventional management team keen on making a name for themselves.

From Paramount’s Insurge Pictures and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Digital.

) self-absorbed” young women looking for love, when they’re not fantasizing about trashing an upscale thrift shop or failing in their panhandling subway schemes.(CLICK TO WATCH: You Tube) Philip De Franco knows the You Tube generation better than most You Tubers, and his news and entertainment spin-off channel Source Fed — now in its second year — is a hit among the vieweres twentysomething and under that frequent the video-sharing site, and it’s better than the Young Turks.Originally part of You Tube’s original channel initiative, Source Fed has become its own news website sharing “everything that matters” under the Discovery Communications umbrella.Are you completely broke and telling dates you met online that you’re a billionaire? Which is why I use Laugh Stub to find cheap comedy tickets to help me maintain my ruse.

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Are you dating Rachel Dolezal and looking to check out the best black standup comedians?First of all, it’s fine that you have a massive beard, but you still need to keep it groomed.