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He then blocked the entry door to the residence while still holding the child. The husband claimed that his wife had grabbed a knife during the altercation and threatened to harm herself; however, that was determined to be a false allegation.

He was arrested for disorderly conduct/domestic violence.

She believed her boyfriend had approximately 10 beers, while she enjoyed three or four Seagram’s and Cherry Coke.

She verified that he pulled up the counter and dropped it on her foot, then grabbed her by the coat and dragged her a couple of feet, causing a rug burn on her hip.

The 50-year-old mother said her daughter, 14, doesn’t do her chores, so she took her cell phone away and broke it.

In retaliation, the girl took her mother’s purse and locked it in her own bedroom.

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Everything that Officer Gerke said to the girl was answered with a variation of, “I don’t give a f***”.When the woman tried to convince him to leave the baby with the other adult, he grabbed her arm and started to push and pull her.