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02-Feb-2018 22:34

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Do you want a different life but can’t seem to break on through to the other side?

Guest, Amy Ahlers, gives you the tools to be the fantastic, empowered woman you want to be so that you can attract a high quality man now.

The other thing is that people pleasing and perfectionism have already been proven to not work for you—there’s a better, easier way to live and love: becoming more of who you really are by breaking the faux rules you’ve written for your life, confronting your emotional baggage so it’s stops running you, and choosing wellbeing over pleasing.

Do this, and you will not accept less from others than what you can already be and do for yourself.

“Olivia’s outspoken, honest and witty personality coupled with her background in journalism, make her the perfect podcast host,” said J. Obviously my mouth was a big deal on ‘The Bachelor,’ so I’m thrilled CBS Radio helped me to develop a show idea around it and was totally in tune with my vision.

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Trauma expert Pat Ogden can help you navigate the traumatic memories that come in parternship.Whether you are struggling with financial security or feel like you are already on the top of your game, your money making mindset may be impacting your ability to connect with the high-quality man you want to have in your life.