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King and Abernathy only wanting to be treated as everyone else.George Wallace and his ranting compared to the eloquent Martin was no contest.My generation saw things I believe in a better light than did our parents.Television showed us Jim Crow and Bull Conner hatred down south and the non-violent movement of Dr.Introduction • Fact Sheet • Sexual Assault • Are You Abused? • Behavior Checklist • Abusive Personalities • Cycle of Violence • Escalation of Violence • Power & Control • Why Victims Stay • What to Consider First • Teen Dating Violence • Elder Abuse • Impact on Children • Stages of Leaving • We now have a 24/7 full time shelter. We are not a drug rehabilitation program or a homeless shelter, but a haven for victims of intimate partner violence or family violence.

It left an impression on me and later during the Civil Rights Movement especially in the south I became more and more aware of bigotry and racism.

It met at the Trinity United Church of Christ education building for five hours every Wednesday. Hames in his later years I had the opportunity to work with when I was on the Mt. Vernon athletics were starting a new era by moving into the new gym and high school on Canal Street. Hames, took the gray school color of Evansville Reitz where Rust had been principal and the maroon from the University of Chicago where he did graduate work as Mt. The name Wildcats came from Northwestern University where Mr. Considering Northwestern's record and ours, I sure wish that Mr. However traffic might be somewhat better, but the acute problem of parking of then would just be moved to another street.

Vernon High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee in the mid to late eighties. Prior to this the most often used nickname was the Mountaineers. He thought no one was thinking big enough or far enough to solve some of our problems.

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An explosion of flour dust at ADM Milling Company had fire fighters busy for several hours from five area fire departments.He sure was a stickler for Peter's Principals and many other formal ways of parliamentary procedures when we were writing the by-laws. Vernon principal, Charles Hames mentioned to me that the origin of the Wildcat nickname occurred through the efforts mainly of a former Mt. I guess we were busy for that time; but, now, park just about any place you want.