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Available now for the i Phone, this app functions as your personal pocket therapist, available to coach you through your battle with OCD.With one version for adults and another for children, this app will interactively help you set up your exposure hierarchy, set practice goals and rewards, provide you with tools to help you fight your OCD symptoms at any moment, and much more.During this short time, with much work and determination, she has achieved remarkable progress against her, previously omnipresent, OCD symptoms!Her OCD had forced her into seclusion, isolation, and painful 4 hour ritualistic decontamination showers and had even left her unable to touch those she loves.The app has helped me maintain the progress I made while there and has helped me to continue to make progress.Every day is still a struggle, but having the app with me helps, especially when I feel that I'm about to give in to a ritual.Remarkably, Alexandra can now walk anywhere and touch almost everything freely.She can hug and spend time with loved-ones and friends without decontaminating.

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We found the message recording feature most helpful.I know it sounds funny, but it's almost like I don't want to let it down.

The customer had a problem with a custom External Business Component.… continue reading »

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A rather brilliant second episode parodied that old television staple, with the characters trapped together, reminiscing on past events -- only here, with only one episode having been produced, all of their memories are of that previous week's events... Starring the entire main cast of the is a cartoon we here at IGN grew up with, and as such it holds a special place in our memories.… continue reading »

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Just wondering if you have picked numbers from a range than is not used by the cc companies and thus guaranteed to be invalid or if you’re just assuming that the chances of a random credit card number and a random expiry date matching up are as slim as to be virtually nil.… continue reading »

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