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08-Jul-2017 23:13

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The format and structure of the events provide plenty of opportunities for interaction and discussion.The organisation of this conference is hugely impressive.From the moment I arrived throughout the day, I don't think I've ever attended a conference where the timing and movement between sessions was quite as well managed as I've encountered at this particular event. The discussions with the vendors in those 'speed dating' sessions, as they are branded, was actually the best approach to this that I think I have ever experienced at a conference.Extremely helpful, snappy to the point and you weren't spending a lot of time with people who were looking to sell you products you weren't really interested in.This particular event is a useful forum for meeting key people in local authorities that are often very difficult to see in other means because they are very busy people and this is a great opportunity for us to engage with them.

It has been a really good and efficient use of my time.

The structure and organisation of this forum is always first class. The production behind that and their way of organisation is absolutely first class.

One of my jobs as Chair is to make sure things happen on time but it's the team at ah! I've been a big fan of the whole concept for a number of years.

I have never been to a conference like this where there are so many senior people in the room at any one time and you have such an opportunity to network, ultimately leading to people that open the door and introduce you to other gatekeepers in the organisation.

The first hour [of speed networking] in particular was full of energy and full of buzz; it was very exciting.The way this has been managed is unlike anything I have seen.