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moved out of the Quartermaine mansion and into an apartment across the hall from co-worker and friend, Carly Roberts. J.'s baby, she decided to keep the truth to herself, so that Tony Jones would marry her. Thinking he finally had Sonny where he wanted him, A. When his mother called Courtney trash and slapped her, A. One day she found him in his hotel room, unconscious. J.'s date, but only weeks later, she left town on a secret assignment, saying goodbye to him without a great deal of warmth. Afterwards, Sonny adopted Michael and then renamed him Michael Corinthos III. He shamelessly pursued Hannah Scott, the only person who seemed to care about him, even though she was dating Marcus Taggert. realize how important family was, so he moved back into the mansion. Wanting to protect her husband, Courtney made a secret deal with the owner to become a stripper in exchange for the owner's silence regarding A. drove drunk right into the strip club called the Oasis.

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didn't have any memory of what happened, but he decided to stop drinking and focus on making things work out with his girlfriend, Kiesha Ward. had remembered everything and Tony had discovered the truth about Carly's affair. Carly was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late; she had suffered a miscarriage. reached out to Carly, she jerked away and then stumbled down the stairs just as Sonny walked in. for the loss of their child, so they took steps to cut A. found himself once again disinherited by his family and tossed out of the mansion. Hannah and his family begged him to go to rehab, but he refused and chose to quit on his own.

He woke up in the hospital and learned he had almost died of alcohol poisoning. tried to make it on his own and even got a job as a forklift driver to support his bride.

We're told Ne Ne Leakes hasn't signed on yet, though she's made it clear that IF she does return she should get more dough than Kim. since Kim will only be part-time, if producers can convince Ne Ne to be a full-fledged cast member, they would pay her considerably more than Kim ... Kim Zolciak got her wish -- her whole family went to a John Legend show and even got to meet him ... Some of her followers got upset -- but Kim told us it was an innocent JK. Kim Zolciak and Ne Ne Leakes are deep in negotiations to return to "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Sources close to production tell us Kim and Ne Ne both have offers on the table from Bravo for Season 10 this Fall, and we're told the network wants them as full-fledged cast members.… continue reading »

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I booked separate hotel rooms, but we ended up sharing mine.… continue reading »

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They summon and control alien entities called "AIs".… continue reading »

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