Intimadating body language

12-Oct-2017 05:37

Failure to do so is considered evidence of lack of character – disrespectful, shifty, or outright untruthfulness.

(This is not true in some other human cultures, where direct eye contact is considered rude.) Dogs see a full-frontal communication as a threat, and loud, firm, angry vocalizations as aggressive.

For example: It is considered polite by humans in the Western world to make direct eye contact.Both species intuitively understand the concept of a “group leader” (Alpha Dog = Head of Household, Employer, President of the US); both species have members in their various groups who lead more naturally than others; and in both groups, ranking (or status) is fluid: You might be the head of your household, but subordinate to your boss at work, or to a colonel in the Army, or the Queen of England.Your dog might be the leader of your dog pack, but have very low status among the regular canine visitors at your local dog park.Their natural response is to turn away in appeasement, or at best, to approach slowly, in a submissive curve, rather than the speedy, enthusiastic straight line that we strive for.

Prompted by ill-advised old-fashioned thinking, some people still use force (such as alpha rolls and scruff shakes) to overpower and dominate their dogs.

The more your dog accepts touch, the more quickly you will be able to move through the counter-conditioning and desensitization process.

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