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Makeshift ambulances struggled to deal with the number of casualties as the vast scale of the damage became clear.Video from the scene showed a number of dazed, bloodsoaked people stumbling around and bodies still lying on the ground or in burning cars.The boys usually live with their sponsors, who also abuse them for sex until they are in their teens, when they are discarded.Yet the "bacha baz," as the sponsors are known, are rarely punished for the years of abuse they commit against the dancing boys, and it is not unusual to see older men in public with their young sex slaves.

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The massive blast near the German embassy in Zanbaq Square sent thick plumes of smoke into the sky and managed to shatter windows and blow doors off their hinges one kilometre (half a mile) away.

In 2008, Zaher left the country and settled in Toronto, Canada where he works in the construction industry.

He describes the transition as from "zero percent freedom to 100 percent." He wrote a book that became his coming-out manifesto and said "accordingly, my family disowned me." Since the Taliban's extremist regime was overthrown in the U. invasion of 2001, the flow of information into Afghanistan has helped boost awareness, but understanding and tolerance of homosexuality are still a long way off, even compared to regional neighbors.

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KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — To be homosexual in Afghanistan is to live in fear.

The death sentence can be applied if the subject dies as a result of the act.