Dec donnelly dating ashley roberts

16-Jun-2017 01:11

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From the majority of series 13, the cold open was dropped and replaced by an opening performance from that night's musical guest. From series 1–4, the titles begin with Dec knocking on Ant's door to tell him it is time for the show to start.

They then run through vast amounts of multi-coloured brick walls and they get exhausted, before one more run, jumping into the title screen.

Dec pulls him forward and they jump off the edge again, this time over a motorway and at first appearing to land face down on the ground, but they are actually on the side of the building opposite where they just jumped off.

It is dark by this time and they start running up the second building as it were a horizontal platform, before emerging at the top.

They ride past a large billboard with that week's guest announcer/guest performer(s), who wave(s) to them and Ant & Dec wave back.

After the motorbikes pass over the Tower Bridge, Ant & Dec get off and wave goodbye to the riders.

They run halfway down a set of stairs which are lit up, and meet six attractive female dancers – three on the left next to Ant and three on the right next to Dec.

Dec has a quick dance but Ant just stares at them and laughs.

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This morning Donnelly joked from the pair's Ant and Dec Twitter account: The Geordie presenter got engaged to Miss Astall, who is his manager, in November last year on an island off the coast of Australia, before travelling to the set of I'm A Celebrity ... He also admitted it was "a little strange" when the couple first got together because they had been work colleagues for so long, but added: "It's going good.Ant pulls a napkin off of Dec's collar and they walk past a few people, including a milkman and a girl in a yellow jacket.