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16-Jul-2017 20:11

When it was time to come home she couldn't by her airline ticket as her credit card had a block on it due to fraud purchases and couldn't get them investigated till she returned home.

Then she wanted money from me to buy a ticket and would pay me back, when i said i couldn't she got nasty about it.

Mingle 2 would have to be the worst site for scammers, please do not use it.

I have given up on online dating and gone back into the real world to meet real people far to many fakes online these days. I took myself off because I keep on getting used and they us the word love as is it is tissue paper.

But what Mingle 2 makes up for with a speedy membership signup process, it can lead to a lot of empty-looking profiles, as well as sparse-looking search results list.

They also have ads running down the side, which at times can be confusing since they can also look like a profile you can click on to view (which then just brings you to another dating site).

Allowing members to filter on activity would help as well as offering more search options.

Tells me she is in the USA doing some courses and will be leaving in a couple of weeks when they finish.