Persona 3 dating guide

08-Feb-2018 12:01

SECTION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION------------------------------------------------ Q: Can I use the old social link guide for FES?

A: No, the social link structure has been revised in a large extend.

Their best responses are listed AT THE END OF THE CALENDAR. 2) The system in section 2 is designed to be a "One-glance Calendar" format, through which you can complete a whole day of activities without cross- referencing between sections.

However, try to read ahead for at least a week or so to avoid surprise.

100% follow- ing of this flow of the day is strongly encouraged, especially in the first two months in which we have to max out Courage. Skip all the day-time restaurant, we'll use the day time for all social events. In FES, donation takes time and hence is strongly discouraged. Spend after-school time in the following orders: i) If you're tired/sick, go to see the school doctor and drink his medicine to increase Courage until your Courage is maxed.

However, you'll still be able to see those restaurant because some social link events take place there. That potion will not heal you, but afterwards you can try visiting bathroom.

All the extra points you gained will not be carried over.

Notice that if you have the a persona with the same Arcana in your inventory (equipping not required), you'll gain 50% bonus of all the points. To level the social links as fast as one can, the player has to: - Carry a persona with the same Arcana for 50% points bonus - Pick the best answer to yield highest amount of points ******************************************************************************* ****** PLEASE READ: VERY IMPORTANT OR YOU MAY NOT GET THE DESIRED RESULT ****** ******************************************************************************* I will not repeat the following message in every day's schedule. Spend the night in the following orders: i) At the beginning: Max Courage Mon: Karaoke Study Tue: Virtual Horror at game center (3,000 yen) Study Wed: Karaoke Study Thu: Karaoke Study Fri: Virtual Horror at game center (3,000 yen) Study Sat: Coffee Study Sun: Karaoke Study If need to visit Tartarus, do it on Sat ii) When Courage is maxed: Max Charm Mon: Photo Sticker at game center (1,500 yen) Study Tue: Coffee Study Wed: Coffee Study Thu: Photo Sticker at game center (1,500 yen) Study Fri: Coffee Study Sat: Coffee Study Sun: Coffee Study If need to visit Tartarus, do it on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, or Sun iii) When Charm is maxed: Max Academic Mon: Study Tue: Study Wed: Quiz at game center (3,000 yen) Study Thu: Study Fri: Study Sat: Quiz at game center (3,000 yen) Study Sun: Study If need to visit Tartarus, do it on Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, or Sun 4.

Their corresponding best answers are listed after January 31st.Most social links do not have condition other than only being present in specific days in a week. During that leveling up conversation, you will be presented with a set of questions related to their issues.Among the answers, some will grant you more points, some will grant you none.--Disclaimer----------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (C) 2007 Penguin_Knight. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

You may not copy or reproduce any content of this guide except for personal, private use.

The leveling up of a social link works like this: 1.

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