Difference between relative and absolute dating

26-Aug-2017 04:59

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How much of your life do you spend thinking about time? Time comes in different forms in geology, mainly absolute and relative.

They are both important in terms of Earth's history and its geological timeline, and they work together in concert to build the planet's geological record.

And when we put both absolute and relative time together, we create a geologic time scale that puts all these events in perspective. are layered in their relative order from oldest at the bottom to most recent at the top, and we also see how much absolute time each one spans.

For example, if we look at the scale, we see that the Paleozoic Era comes before the Mesozoic Era, relatively speaking, and that it spans about 290 million years, starting about 542 million years ago and ending about 251 million years ago.

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Radiometric dating, or numeric dating, determines an actual or approximate age of an object by studying the rate of decay of radioactive isotopes, such as uranium, potassium, rubidium and carbon-14 within that object. This rate provides scientists with an accurate measurement system to determine age.

We get these rock dates and ages with radiometric dating techniques that tell us how old rocks are based on their rate of decay.

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