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A joining fee is payable on successful processing of the card application, for certain card types.

An annual fee for renewal of card membership is payable by the card member on or before the credit card account relationship anniversary.

You can visit the link to learn about the various credit cards provided by Citibank.

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Any Standing Instruction / ECS maintained with us will be automatically transferred to your new card.Every credit card account is assigned with a credit limit and the card can be utilized to the extent of the approved credit limit.A portion of the credit limit can also be used to withdraw cash. The assigned credit limit is inclusive of the cash limit.On expiry, the existing card plastic will not be valid for usage.

The renewed card will have the same card number; however, the CVV will differ.

For example, if your card is due to expire on April 30, 2015 the renewed card will be dispatched around the second week of April.