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10-Jul-2017 17:05

Whatever the state of your relationship, the answer should always be a hard no.The list of reasons to never snoop in your significant other’s phone are basically endless.Just in case you’re looking around the room right now, dimming the brightness on your screen so no one can see what you just clicked on with a “who me?! You might not be proud of your actions, but you def are not alone.A 2013 study done in the UK found 34 percent of women admitted to checking their partners’ phones, with 62 percent of men admitting to the act. Even more interesting than knowing that women snoop way less than men?Especially with abusive relationships, the isolation escalates to include every other aspect of life, including friends, family, hobbies, work, school, etc., until they are essentially cut off from anyone other than their dating partner.Abuse in a dating relationship can be confusing and frightening at any age.On the other hand, young women may believe that jealousy and possessiveness are signs of love or romance, and may therefore seek out partners with controlling tendencies.

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Combined, 31 percent of the people surveyed in the study said they would break up with someone if they caught them checking their texts, emails, or other messages on their phone without permission.

It is also a common belief amongst teens that physical violence is the only type of abuse in a dating relationship.

And while physical abuse can leave behind evidence such as cuts, bruises, broken bones, and more, it is important to remember that emotional, verbal and psychological abuse can be just as damaging, if not more.

Whether you’ve done it before and know better or are in the midst of a moral quandary at this very minute, here are some very good reasons to not snooping in your S. You should be able to trust your partner and be trusted.

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If you’re snooping, or they ask you to let them snoop with the added “bonus” of being able to dig through their data, something might be off.As the relationship grows, they choose to spend the majority of time with their partner, becoming more and more isolated from others in their life.

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