Naked chatting

23-Aug-2017 22:30

Since some autistic children experience difficulties communicating, people approaching these individuals should take some simple steps to put them at ease when conversing with them, according to the National Autistic Society.It is important to say the name of the individual with autism who you are speaking to before you being talking so that they know to pay attention to what you say.While autism can be diagnosed at age two, most children are not diagnosed until they are four or older.Each year, the US spends between and billion dollars on medical treatments for children with autism.This moving video showcases a heartwarming example of a 16-year-old with autism and his father communicating in their own special language.

Children with the disability fall on a spectrum: some can carry out extensive conversations while others have a harder time putting words together.

And they advise against using figurative language, since children with autism sometimes take things too literally.