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31-Dec-2017 23:56

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More than 40 Tamils who were recognised as refugees were given negative security assessments [and detained indefinitely].

Tamils were the first people subject to “enhanced screening” – given 15 minutes to tell their story and sent back if they could not convince the authorities.

It was like the 2009 bombing of “no fire zones” under Rajapaksa. Widows are being sexually harassed by military men.

There are many cases of Tamil lands being taken by the military.

Green left Weekly's Chris Slee spoke to him about the struggle of the Tamil people for self-determination and Australia's complicity in Sri Lanka's crimes against Tamils. In some villages the army presence is even heavier – one soldier for every three Tamils. There are many reported cases of Tamil women being sexually assaulted. [Settlers from the Sinhala ethnic majority are taking land in the island's predominantly Tamil north and east.] Buddhist temples have been built in every part of the Tamil areas [to cater for the Sinhalese settlers, who are mainly Buddhists].

They fear that if they give testimony in Sri Lanka, when they walk out the door Sri Lankan intelligence will make them disappear, or at least harass their family members. Only an international investigation will allow the perpetrators to be brought to justice.Whether [Wickremasinghe's] United National Party or [Sirisena's] Sri Lanka Freedom Party won, they would do nothing for the Tamil people.

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