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01-Jul-2017 10:36

We are told there are those in favour of same-sex marriage, and then there are the bigots.

This is where Bill Shorten again misunderstands what marriage is.

One of them is this: if the Marriage Act changes, this is not the end of the world for me. I am more distressed by our inattention to children in detention, or our national greed problem, than by the possibility that the definition of marriage might be changed.

Another is that I stand adamantly against the bullying and vilification of people of minority sexual identities.

The passing of the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage has triggered a round of Australian advocates announcing that it is now "our turn".

We lag behind the UK, many European countries, some states in the US, and (perish the thought!Even when children do not arrive, the differentiated twoness of marriage indicates its inherent structure.

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