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Up-and-coming talent Jenny Humphrey also had a brief 87-episode stint on the show.

fash moment ever: B's dreamy cherry print Moschino dress/beret combo was sweeter than any macaron from Ladurée, while S looked gorgeous and (as always) totally overdressed for daytime in a glittery caged Georges Chakra confection.

totally changed all that forever--or at least a couple of seasons, anyway.

Fine, so Leighton Meester was technically playing the role of a high school student--but her character managed to make childlike hair adornments totally appropriate for us adult-folk.

In real life, all of these factors combined would put Charles Bass in a constant sartorial face-off with the Brant Brothers for a spot on our weekly best dressed round-up--which wouldn't be pretty. And evolve she did, right back to her estranged mother's house in Hudson (i.e. Alexa Chung is slated to pop up in the sixth season.

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While many a cynic may argue that the show actually ended sometime during the second season, for us die-hard Upper East Side wannabes, this news is harder hitting than a Nairtini to the head.

Next time I fly abroad for the summer on my private jet, I'll be sure to pack an endless supply of cash, couture, and of course, a CW cameraman to capture it all.