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Plans for additional sites were scaled back in 1972, when the signing of the ABM Treaty limited the Soviet Union and the United States each to two ABM sites totaling 200 interceptors.The system's architecture shrank again to one site with 100 interceptors when a protocol to the treaty was signed in 1974.The new system apparently includes the maximum 100 interceptors allowed by the ABM Treaty.The system is still only intended to defend Moscow and is not a national missile defense.The radars associated with the system have other missions in addition to supporting the ABM system, so they remain operational.

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The updated system, still nominally in operation, relies on the phased-array Pillbox radar at Pushkino for coverage and a network of large phased-array radars, along with the original Hen House radars.

Despite the improvements, US military and intelligence reports say the Moscow system would still be relatively easy to defeat.

The Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Strategic and Theater Nuclear Forces told the House Armed Services Committee in 1987 that although the Soviets had spent over 10 years and billions of dollars developing an ABM system, the United States could penetrate it with a small number of Minuteman ICBMs equipped with "highly effective chaff and decoys," he went on to say that, "if the Soviets should deploy more advanced or proliferated defenses we have new penetration aids as counters."2 The Department of Defense has said that the Soviet system is no more advanced than was the US Safeguard system, which was developed in the early 1970's, but deactivated as soon as it was deployed in 1975 because of its military ineffectiveness and high cost.3 A 1989 report on Soviet Military Power also concluded that "with only 100 interceptor missiles, the system can be saturated, and with only the single Pillbox radar at Pushkino providing support to these missiles, the system is highly vulnerable to suppression." The Soviet Union continued to research both traditional and "exotic" technologies for use in ABM systems, but assessments by the Defense Department in 1988 put its programs at approximately ten years behind similar US efforts.4 Since that time, the break-up of the Soviet Union and subsequent economic troubles in Russia have led to a significant deterioration in the existing system and a lack of funding to complete the upgrade program or to undertake new research.

According to an EMERCOM publication, the Ministry is an agency of Federal Executive Power with the following tasks: The First Minister in charge of EMERCOM was Sergei Shoigu.

He was appointed by President Yeltsin in November 1991 as Chairman of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence Matters, Extraordinary Situations and the Liquidation of Natural Disasters.

When Peter the Great was Tsar, Saint Petersburg was given its own fire department modeled on Western practices of the time.