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09-Feb-2018 20:15

It can be deployed in High Availability clusters to ensure maximum application uptime thanks to redundancy and seamless failover capabilities.When selecting security technology, it is critical that your products are supported by people who take your data security as seriously as you do.It is controlled by a fully-featured web GUI which makes it very easy to use and deploy.The power and flexibility of Free PBX comes from the dozens of feature add-ons (which we call ‘commercial modules’) that allow you to add individual features to Free PBX, tailored to your business needs, as you scale.It automates security audits and continually patches vulnerabilities as they arise during development.

The cloud-enabled Barracuda Web Application Firewall makes it easy for you to adopt public-cloud platforms for your application-delivery needs.The Barracuda Web Application Firewall is supported by our award-winning 24x7 technical support staffed by in-house security engineers with no phone trees. Hundreds of thousands of organizations around the globe rely on Barracuda to protect their applications, networks, and data.The Barracuda Web Application Firewall is part of a comprehensive line of data protection, network firewall, and security products and services designed for organizations seeking robust yet affordable protection from ever-increasing cyber threats.Support for template based deployments lets your admins and Dev Ops teams automatically provision cloud instances and dependent resources as needed, for reliable and easy deployment.

Flexible pricing options include bring-your-own-license and pay-as-you-go via AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace.Free PBX is an all-in-one IP PBX that is completely Free to download and install onto your own hardware and includes all the basic elements you need to build a phone system.