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And coming right up to contemporary times, it was announced in July 2016 that a new mouser had been appointed for the Treasury.Eighteen-month-old Gladstone (left), an all-black former stray from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, was kept inside for his first few weeks and quickly made himself at home.One former Treasury cat was called Smokey, while a fine 'marmalade' tom rejoicing in the name of Rufus of England, later became better known as Treasury Bill; he served under Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald from about 1924 and was a formidable mouser and ratter.He was said to bring his trophies to his boss, but when he found that they were being picked up and put by the rubbish bins in the hallway, he soon realised the proper procedure, and after that the cleaners would find the mice neatly laid out by the bins for them to deal with!

Chancellor Philip Snowden — a man noted for his tight-fisted guardianship of public funds — looked at Rufus, and softened.The black-and-white feline proved to be a terrific mouser; he also outlasted several later prime ministers as well as Heath.The policeman on security duty at the front door of Number 10 had instructions to ring the bell for Wilberforce whenever he wanted to enter (right).We haven't been able to find out his real name; apparently he was nicknamed the Munich Mouser, somewhat disrespectfully, by Churchill as he was a holdover from former Prime Minister Chamberlain's administration.

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He was, though, treated with great kindness, as Churchill was very fond of cats.On one occasion the cat got into a fight with a stray moggie, and while trying to part them Mrs Wilson suffered a scratch that turned septic, causing her to miss an official dinner being given for the Italian prime minister.