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This avoids tedious typing, and the inevitable typos or missed steps that result. If you are having problems and you are not using copy/paste, please re-check your typing before sending me an email saying "It doesn't work." Text in a "command" box like this one is a literal Linux commandline, and should be typed or pasted exactly as written.One note: many many people have followed these directions as written, and have not had any problems.cd /usr/local/src One way application source code is distributed is in what are known as "tarballs." The command to learn more about how to use this very flexible tool.

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Building a LAMP Server by Bruce Timberlake This document will walk you through the installation of what is known as a "LAMP" system: Linux, Apache, My SQL and PHP.

(You will obviously not be able to use/rebuild a source RPM to get the compiler installed, as you need the compiler to build the final binary RPM!

) On a Fedora system, you can do this command: su - root yum install gcc gcc-c Log in as (or plain FTP for that matter), you are transmitting your username, password, and all session information in "plain text".

If you have not yet installed your Linux OS, or just for future reference, do not choose to install Apache, PHP, or My SQL during the system installation.

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Then you can immediately proceed with the source-based install listed here.

Sometimes we may need to send emails in our local PHP projects.

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