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Until then, here are some ways that parents can keep their children safe online: 1.

Discuss the potential dangers and what is considered appropriate behaviour online, in the same way you would in the offline world.

As recently as 1960, there were more than 2 000 remaining.White rhinoceros are also known as the square-lipped rhinoceros due to their square (not pointed) upper lip.Their name comes from the Afrikaans word “wyd”, which means wide and refers to the animal’s muzzle.Compared to black rhinoceros, white rhinoceros have a longer skull, a less sharply defined forehead and a more pronounced shoulder hump. The front horn averages 60 cm, but occasionally reaches 150 cm in length.

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YOUNG: A young rhino is born without a horn and will be very unstable for the first 2 to 3 days .

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