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Many manufacturers and engine builders had sent locomotives to almost all corners of the world, in some cases there was some twenty five years of operating experience to fall back on.But these operating experiences for the recently formed British Railways often threw up more questions than answers.Experiments with two double locomotives to France and Roumania during the late 1930's powered by Sulzer 'double-bank' engines had been successful, the four machines were still operating as Derby set to work on the BR/Sulzer Type 4's.These early machines were too large for Britain's loading gauge, their LDA31's were pared down to LDA28's, more useful for fitting into locomotives destined for restricted European loading gauges.

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The Type 4's continued to be occasional performers on the St Pancras - Manchester turns.

Despite this naming ceremony D1 - D10 all had their nameplates fitted at Derby Works prior to entering service, the names chosen led to the big Type 4's earning the class the nickname of 'Peaks' - even for the follow on builds that carried mostly regimental names.