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16-Jun-2017 14:03

For many of us who use social media, it’s second nature to think about the photo opportunities of the day ahead, and that includes our outfit.

“Sorry I’m late,” a friend announced recently, “but as I was leaving I realised I was wearing the dress I always wear on Instagram. It looks like I have only four dresses.” One teenager told me, “When you’ve been Instagrammed in a dress, that dress is over.” “Before I started FFG I genuinely didn’t care how I looked in pictures,” says Emily Johnston, the 34-year-old blogger behind the fashion site Fashion Foie Gras.

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” I am looking at my husband’s Instagram feed, where a picture of me shivering in a wetsuit stares back at me: hair flat against my face, make-up free, bum blocking the beach.

But I know academics, fashion designers, chefs and business owners who are similarly precious about their image, who would consider a picture of themselves looking unfashionable, tipsy or overweight career sabotage.

One friend, a baker, confided, “An Instagram snap of a cupcake baker looking fat?

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Launched by the media theorist Lev Manovich and digital analyst Daniel Goddemeyer, analyses Instagram selfie patterns around the world.

Newly retired baby boomers are travelling the world with their i Pad Airs, taking selfies at Machu Picchu, writing travel blogs, getting arty with the filters on Instagram.

When I joined Instagram a year ago I was clueless, convinced nobody wanted to see my holiday snaps or pictures of my breakfast.

According to a 2013 study by Com Score, the over-fifty-fives now make up 20 per cent of Britons online, and they are just as likely as 35- to 44-year-olds to have a smartphone.

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Forty per cent of 55- to 64-year-olds in Britain are on Facebook, 18 per cent of over sixty-fives.Instagram, as well as being a sharing platform, amounts to airbrushing for amateurs, allowing us all to select the most flattering filter, to disguise our hangovers, wrinkles and extra pounds with cunning shadows.