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03-Sep-2017 16:45

AG simply wanted to know this: “What’s the most important trait African men look for in the women they date – especially African women.” Here are those that made the top five: No doubt.

Humility is an essential character trait to many African men.

“I cannot stand a woman who thinks she has to have a say in everything – she knows everything and she has to say it even if the atmosphere is not conducive.” Loyalty was another one that topped the list that didn’t quite stand out on its own.

Apparently, the saying “stand by your man,” was not just sung in the 50’s and 60’s. Many men said they want, and need to know, that their woman will be there for them, to support them and care for them no matter the circumstances: whether rich or poor, educated or not, faithful or not…As society changes, so do the dynamics in many relationships – out with the old way of doing things and in with the new – but not when it comes to who’s responsible for keeping the home.

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Maybe it’s because no one ever bothered to ask them.

Or maybe it’s because they have been lumped in with all other black men by those assuming that no cultural differences exist between them.

Or maybe it’s because African men are generally known to shy away from openly discussing their emotional needs.

They don't care what country you came from (so it's not only USA), whether you're married, even if you're ugly.

All they are trying to do is make you fall in love with them and marry them.

They don't see the point of striving so hard to build a career for themselves because in the end, they just want to become sit-at-home wives. Now mind you, these young women don't want to get married to just any, no, no. So they invest the little money they have in makeup, fancy clothes, shoes, bags etc so that they can easily mingle with rich, affluent potential husbands.

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