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In 2006 he became the first MP to have a civil partnership ceremony, but it was a relatively low-key affair in the wake of Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s nuptials.He is currently Minister of State at the Department of Health. Andrew Pierce, 46, Assistant Editor, A ball of giggles, gossip, scandal and kinetic energy, Pierce is an interesting mix of rebel and establishment figure.While not in contact as regularly as Spencer Livermore, he is described by one Downing St insider as “the most trusted” of Gordon’s confidantes.He continues to act as an organiser for the Brownites among the parliamentary party, was instrumental in organising Brown’s “coronation” as leader earlier this year and most of all has a rapport and bond of trust with the Prime Minister that only a 24-year alliance could forge. Peter Mandelson, 54, EU Trade Commissioner The ‘Prince of Darkness’ is one of the great survivors of British politics.Nick Brown was appointed Chief Whip by the new Prime Minister in 1997 and was moved to Agriculture, Fisheries and Food a year later.This effective demotion was followed by a story that outed him, and he responded with good humour. The sun is out – and so am I,” he announced to a room full of baffled farmers.Initially thick as thieves, Mandelson’s affections gradually drifted towards the charismatic Blair, who he supported for leader in 1994.

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While his reputation as a boss is fearsome, his charm has helped oil the wheels of government in favour of gay rights.

As we look forward to another year, we cannot help but ponder the fact that if Gordon Brown had called an autumn election we could have been hearing a very different Queen’s Speech last month.