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If it is not obvious why this change is appropriate, then explain why in the commit message.

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To push those changes upstream to the central repository: command to request confirmation each time it is invoked and abort if the user types anything but y.

Your tree might look like - Bug 576044 (11/12): Make all assertions fatal in Declaration.h, Declaration.cpp, ns CSSData Block.h, ns CSSData Block.cpp, ns CSSValue.h, ns CSSValue.cpp, ns CSSProps.h, and ns

r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron | | o | 5a9bd15fd7a8 - Zack Weinberg - Bug 582057, part g: Split ns IView:: Create Widget into Create Widget, Create Widget For Parent, and Create Widget For Popup in preparation of eliminating IIDs here.

Please refer to Mercurial For Mozillians at Read The Docs for current best-practices around Mercurial, including many helpful extra tools and guidelines that make using Mercurial fast and easy.

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This document describes techniques and practices like mercurial queues which are no longer recommended.NB: this is hard, error-prone, and will likely b0rk your local tree if you mess up. What one would but, since hg can't do either (yet), we're stuck.