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16-Jul-2017 13:04

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For the full game, you can play as the main character for around 1 year game time.

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In this game, you'll play as a newbie voice actor who strives to win for the year-end Seiyuu Award.Just keep in mind that ALL your actions matter and will decide how the game ends! Download link is there below on the bottom of this page (so you need to scroll a lot) =D The new demo contains SIX weeks of in-game time (up to 15th February), and you can see most of the features that you can see in final release, with the only exception being foreplay mode.You can finally experience the interactive maps first-hand, talk to NPCs to take quests, experience new audition mechanism, purchase underwears, decorate your room, see brand new character graphics with changing clothes, and lots of other features that we've now implemented!JAST USA subsequently licensed Zettai Fukujuu Meirei under the title Absolute Obedience, while Hirameki International licensed Animamundi; the later game, although already nonexplicit, was censored for US release to achieve a 'mature' rather than 'adults only' rating, removing some of both the sexual and the violent content.

Build-A-Bara is a dress-up game/dating sim where you can design a handsome gay man and take him on a date.

There are four different date endings, some triggered by conversational choices and others by articles of clothing.