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The imbalance she feels there is slightly evened out by her relationship with Anna, but when her concrete control over that also seems to falter, she reverts to the cold, insular veneer that is required in her work and lets herself return to a few other defaults as well.

What Kerrigan convincingly gets at here is the impossibility of being a woman in power in professional and personal life simultaneously, using the same tactics and excuses as any given high-powered man in D. Where Seimetz’s episodes are replete with color, tricks of light, and close-ups, Kerrigan’s world is marked most notably by a sense of alienation and detachment.

Seimetz uses each setting, each activity that Bria engages in to reveal a thread of the character’s inner life, including her interactions with a local self-help guru named Paul, played by director Harmony Korine.

For Bria, having to lead a life marked most notably by a dead-end blue-collar job, alcohol, and a forced, hurtful relationship with her ex’s teenaged daughter, Kayla (Morgana Davies), is like living life as a luxurious piece of designer clothing that never leaves the rack.

Where creators Amy Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan worked together on directing and writing much of the first season, they cut the proverbial baby in half for the second, dividing the season into two separate yet vaguely similar storylines.

In essence, Kerrigan and Seimetz have each made their own 200-minute movie, each one distinguished by these directors’ personal visual style and tone.

Kerrigan doesn’t bother getting too expository about the political realm, or at least he doesn’t seem to mind presenting Erica’s work as densely interwoven and reliant on an ever-expanding set of details that’s easy to get lost within.

In this, he gives a sense of just how hard it is for Erica to find real control in her professional life, a fact that is underlined when she meets with businessmen who can throw her candidates million without breaking a sweat.

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But the more you talk to her and teach her about the world, your life, and this amazing Universe we live in, the more she learns.His shots often place the characters far off, amidst the oppressive, bland tastefulness of modern design, whether in Erica’s luxurious apartment or the ballroom where she susses out what a billionaire donor wants from tax reform with clinical precision.The perfectly balanced aesthetic of the world Erica helps run and exists in is more important than the furies of feeling that run underneath that we only get brief glimpses of as her own need for control leads her down a catastrophic path.Bria sees herself as a high-end purchase meant for a wealthy man, and she hasn’t been relocated for a full day before she begins to build a profile for herself on a site for sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships.

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